Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Hardest Job In The World

A man named Doug Oakley - who has a small part in the history of the Birmingham comedy club scene that exists today - once said that being the first act in a live comedy show was "the hardest job in the world".

I don't particularly agree that it's the hardest job in the WORLD - I think being a coastguard is somewhat tougher - but somebody's got to go on first, and that was the job I volunteered to do last night at the Sunflower Lounge.

Did it go well?... Yes... but not as well as I'd hoped.

Did I get laughs?... Yes... but not as many as I'd hoped.

Did I enjoy being on stage?... Yes.. but not as much as I'd hoped.

But the key thing is this. Even though the result last night wasn't spectacular... for the first time - the FIRST time - I was doing a set based on what I MYSELF think is good... NOT what I think will work, or what I think sounds clever. I've decided that trying to be clever in my material isn't such a great idea. I need to put that sort of showing-off on the back burner.

I now have the first incarnation of a set that I can develop, expand, and more importantly LEARN and REHEARSE, the last two being the missing activities from my preparation for gigs in the past.

What about last night's show overall? Well, it was great to be amongst the old crowd again. Dave Dinsdale, Ade Freeman, Tommy Skehan, Jimmy Frinton, Ian McDiarmid, and Scotty himself - who put this wonderful event together - were all there, and VERY HAPPY to be there.

Unfortunately Tommy wasn't performing last night, and Dave didn't get to do his bit as headliner coz we ran out of time. We'd had nine or ten acts, and eleven o'clock had passed. We had to pack up and go home.

I can't get into reviewing all the performances here, but special mention should go to Frinton who did a short set on the theme of "care for animals" which was the best thing I've ever seen him do, and a chap called Johnny who brought the house down with a very animated, inspired, and assured performance.

So... the show moves on!

Scotty has another gig coming up on 10th May (or 11th) at the Ivy Bush in Hagley Road, and I think I'm promised a spot that night. Plus I now feel ready to get busy with chasing up other gigs and filling my schedule for the rest of the year.

My big push for stardom and international celebrity is now underway. I've got to keep pushing.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Watching Watching

Another Saturday evening at home alone - watching telly, drinking beer, and thinking about comedy.

I should be working on my new stand-up script - I've got my journals and notebooks open on the coffee table with a choice of pens - but I'm really sitting back in my armchair watching a recently arrived DVD.

I'm watching "WATCHING", the first series of the Granada ITV sitcom from 1987. It was a big favourite of mine when it came round the first time, and I've been waiting for my chance to enjoy it again. And enjoying it I am.

It's a love story... on screen and off. The scripts are really funny, the acting is brilliant, but I think the main plus factor is that I fancy Emma Wray. I wrote her a fan letter in 1987. I got no reply, but I forgive her.

I found the WATCHING website this afternoon, which has the latest news of her. Apparently she's given up acting and is backpacking around the world. Well... my road in Dorridge is part of the world. I can only hope.