Friday, May 12, 2006

Captain's Log: Supplemental

Following yesterday's - some might say "NEGATIVE" - posting about Wednesday's Ivy Bush experience, and feedback I have since received, I should like to explain something.

I was just reflecting MY Ivy Bush experience in terms of my immediate feelings about the opportunity the night provided for me to progress as a comedian... NOT the fact that it WAS a very enjoyable night... for EVERYBODY involved.

However... after much reflection in a pub garden yesterday afternoon, I realized that I wrote in haste. If I had been a more resourceful comedian, it could have been a good night not only DESPITE the problems and limitations of the night, but BECAUSE of them.

As usual, I was too fixed on doing the set I'd chosen to do. A GOOD comedian would have had a great time working the room, discussing all aspects of the evening... the room, the Chinese people, the lack of other people, the other acts on the bill, etc. etc.

Next time I'll try harder... OK??

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Gig That Never Was

Last night there was due to be a gig at the Ivy Bush in Hagley Road, Birmingham. I was there, but I think that I can quite legitimately take the view that this gig didn't happen.

Something happened... but it is very difficult to describe what it was. It involved a very small room, lots of Chinese men in business suits, very few other people, and even fewer laughs.

That's show business!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Productive Day

This morning I was busy at my computer. It was important that I should be editing stand-up material in preparation for another gig next week. I did get a little done, but before long as usual I was skiving... playing Lenny Bruce mp3s, and looking for Lenny Bruce websites and stuff on the internet.

And success!... I found this wonderful website called Comedy College, where you can listen to 30 minute profiles of a variety of American comedians. So that's what I did!

Today I've been listening to the programmes about Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, and Steve Martin. I've really enjoyed them, especially as they include lots of clips that I haven't heard before.

I suspect this website will be regular haunt for me until I've plundered the comedic riches within. I've already put a link on this page. There's going to be so much to explore and enjoy.

Comedians whose work I know a bit about, like Jack Benny, Robert Klein, and Bob Newhart.

Some whose names and reputations I've heard, but whose work is unknown to me, like Tom Lehrer, Shelley Berman, and The Smothers Brothers.

And people who are completely new to me, with exotic names like Minnie Pearl, Stiller & Meara, and Totie Fields.

Well, I've got to do something when I'm avoiding getting on with my writing.