Monday, June 05, 2006

Phil Silvers... Respect!!!

OK... Just what HAVE I been doing since my previous posting three weeks ago?

'Not enough of the RIGHT things... and too much of the WRONG things' is the best answer to that, but I HAVE been busy... I've bought a new car, I've been preparing my maths pupils for their GCSE examinations (Paper 1 today!), I've had a friend to stay, I've been playing Internet Hearts on my pc...

Oh... AND (as always) I've been watching more comedy DVDs. In the last few weeks, I've got my hands on both series of the TV sitcom Nightingales, a Mae West boxset, and yesterday saw the arrival of "Bilko - The Phil Silvers Show 50th Anniversary Edition".

There are few comedy performers that are absolutely and consistently brilliant and who dominate all their time on the TV screen so completely, but Phil Silvers was one of those and probably THE best. In homegrown TV comedy, only Leonard Rossiter came close to producing the same magic.

Bilko is comedy I grew up with, and was the first TV comedy in the video age that I knew I must record to keep and treasure. When I was a post-grad student in Edinburgh in 1987, I remember phoning my parents in Norwich with instructions for recording the next Bilko show.

When at last I had a VCR of my own, I took up the archiving duties for myself, and I'm proud to say that I have a recording of all the 137 episodes that have been shown on the BBC. A little job for my new DVD recorder will be to transfer all of those to disc.

That should keep me from the harder task of writing for a good while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's it Geoff, that's the attitude. Do everything but write. Time is on your side.

12:19 AM  

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