Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Heat is On... And so is a DVD.

Oh... It's hot!

For the second day in a row the temperature is in the 30's. For ten minutes yesterday I had to go down to ground level - I needed to pop round to Tesco Express for essentials... like ice cream - and I found breathing started to involve conscious effort.

Luckily - with essentials in the fridge - I now have the option of spending today laying on the bed in my second floor flat with the windows open facilitating a pleasant through-breeze. Even more luckily, I always have my pile of un-read books and un-watched DVDs.

Proper telly is not an option today. I DO NOT want to catch the least coverage of or reference to yesterday's England defeat at the World Cup. I accept England's limitations at football, but there's no need to dwell on these things.

I'm even too lazy to be selective from my pile of new DVDs, so since Wayne Rooney was sent off yesterday it's been a case of "last in first out" - the most recent arrival gets to go in the slot of my 14 inch TV DVD combo.

What was it? "Stalag 17 - Special Collector's Edition"...

Oh... I've enjoyed it! I'm a real fan of Billy Wilder, especially his comedies. William Holden is also an actor I like. There are also some great comic sequences with Harvey Lembeck and Richard Strauss. PLUS a really satisfying ending. That's what I call an enjoyable movie!

But don't forget!... THIS is a SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION!... I've been able to lie back and also enjoy two documentaries about the movie, and then watch the movie again with commentary by three old guys who were involved in the movie - two actors and the author of the original play.

I love DVD commentaries!!! This time it was a chance to hear two hours of anecdotes about Billy Wilder and how he made this movie. PLUS lots of discussion of when every else involved in the movie passed away. Old guys seem to be interested in stuff like that.

As I write this, that DVD is now back in its box and I've got another DVD in the slot. This time its "Sabrina" - UNFORTUNATELY NOT A SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION - which is actually the next movie that Billy Wilder made. I'm into continuity!

What comes after "Sabrina"?... "The Seven Year Itch". I haven't bought the DVD of that... BUT... it WAS on BBC2 last week and I recorded it onto DVD myself.

So... Until the temperature drops, my Billy Wilder season looks set to continue.


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