Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Anyone for Comedy Writing?

The answer is YES... but too few this term alas.

Last night I went along to Stratford College to see if I could find in the classroom the ten students I needed to get the course going for this term. I confess that I wasn't optimistic, but I didn't want to give up without making the gesture of being there just in case.

Only four!... plus another one who phoned me later at home. So I was half way there. Hopefully the six of us can all get together on 9th January 2007 when the next term is due to start, and even more hopefully we will be joined by at least another five students, and we can start writing comedy together... and having a laugh.

The real dissappointing part is to compare the effort I made in publicing this course with the result of that publicity. I sent posters to thirteen libraries around Stratford (I don't know if they put them up), I left my message on any appropriate comedy or writing forum I could find on the web, I contacted the newspapers, and yesterday morning I was interviewed by BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire. What was the point?

Well... The point is that I REALLY wanted to get the course on this term. I was going to do things differently, and I was even producing a SUBSTANTIAL book of guidance and exercises to give to students (see cover above). I'm proud of the work I've done on that, and I was excited to imagine how I could get a new group of comedy writers working.

So... I can stop preparing for another ten weeks of Comedy Writing at Stratford, and even stop thinking about it for a couple of months. Today I'll switch my attention to putting together a short stand-up set to take to Cradley Heath on Thursday.


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